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People Centered from a Systems Thinking & Design Methodology.

Design the Path to Success.
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Systems Thinking Design Methodology

Our design services help organizations design their own future, including their own goals. We do not use prescriptive methods most firms use; we use methods that empower people to design their own system for success using key stakeholder knowledge, experience, and vision.

Our Approach is Unique.

No longer is a canned approach sufficient for the global marketplace.  Goodbye are the days of the top down approach to management.  The world is moving faster, the workforce is smarter, the connections are meaningful, and even small firms are going global thanks low cost of technology.  Maystreet Global Consulting believes in collaboration across many disciplines using the latest methodologies, which are based on research, not just a hunch or a guess.  Your business is too important to be left to chance or processes created for a different age.


We offer:

  • Systems Thinking experts to educate you team to concentrate on the connections, not just the silo(s) they live in daily

  • Design Thinking mentality, which allows your stakeholders to design the future that they desire

  • We act as coached and facilitators to get your organization to where it needs to be not just now, but ready to adapt to the future rapidly and on an on-going basis for the long-term

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Virtual Collaboration Strategies.

A Comprehensive Approach.
Virtual Collaboration Services

In today's global marketplace, resources are geographically dispersed across time, space, and cultures using technology to communicate, coordinate, and most importantly, collaborate.  Our experts work with your team to design the right tools and methods for your business to collaborate effectively.

Education and Design.

If you ask many people the definition of virtual collaboration, you will get several different answers.  The truth is, they can all be correct but still cannot collaborate! All too often, organizations throw virtual collaboration tools at the workforce, show them the functionality, and then hope for the best.  Our view and our value comes from years of experience in virtual design, based on both the latest research and application of that information that has been used in designs all the way from The White House to NASA, along with many other large and small organizations around the globe.


Allow MayStreet Global to:

  • Educate and guide your stakeholders about virtual collaboration, taking into consideration both corporate and global culture

  • Together, work through the initial design process

  • Leverage the value of utilizing your stakeholders world-view in a global business environment that is rapidly in constant state-of-change

Build and Monitor.

Building the right virtual collaboration environment is an output of the design process, so once the design is complete, we work side-by-side with your team to ensure the right processes and tool ecosystem is in place, monitoring feedback from the team, and making adjustments as your business changes since agility is key in today's business world.


​Engage MayStreet Global consulting to start realizing the Benefits of a well designed system.

These include:

  • A more engaged geographically dispersed workforce resulting in higher productivity and innovation

  • Reduced travels costs for both you and your clients, allowing finite resources to be used efficiently

  • The ability to leverage diverse talents from around the globe, adding value to your business, often at a reduced cost

  • By setting travel reduction targets, you can also make your company much more eco-friendly

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Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Services.

Technical Experts.
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PPP Management Services

We understand that every business cannot carry the burden of projects, program, and portfolio managers, so allow our team to support your business needs as your business adjusts to the marketplace. We offer not only expertise, but also flexibility to meet your demands and budget.

Project Management.

Project management is both a science and an art, so it takes people that have talent that maximizes both sides of the brain.  Managing a project through the entire lifecycle is not just a step-by-step process as it was in the past.  Project management has moved into the realm of agility and uncertainty.  We specialize in managing the uncertainty and in many instances, recovering when projects derail.  

Program Management.

Program Management is complex since it is part of an overall business strategy, and area not many traditional program managers understand.  Since strategy is "the art of execution", we can assist technical program managers become artists by teaching a new way of thinking.

Portfolio Management.

The key to portfolio management is value creation.  Are you getting the value out of your portfolio and how do you maximize it?  MayStreet specializes in portfolio selection that aligns to your business strategy, ensuring maximization of your ROI.

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Executive and Career Coaching.

Expert Personal Guidance.

From the C Suite to finding your next step in your career, our team will help you make the right strategy for you.  


Everyone needs expert advice, but it must be collaboratively thought out through a series of interactions to find the right path toward success.

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